16 y/o manifesto


it's not necessary to possess all that you love

learn to forgive, but also to let people go

develop your inner world, educate yourself, get rid of ignorance, absorb culture and wisdom

don't fall into hypocrisy, foolishness, victimism

some of the best people you'll ever meet will be unreachable for you, and you'll have to either learn to live that way, without the assurance of their presence, or have the discipline to let them behind and move on

things are temporary, and this can either be great for painful circumstances or painful for great circumstances

you have the right to be sad or to feel pain, even if this thing you're worried or upset about won't matter in ten years, even if someone else has it worse

sometimes people cannot stay for ver long, and we have to be thankful for the brief period of time they are allowed to be near us. we have to appreciate all the changes (even if subtle) and the new perspectives they brought into our lives, because even if we don't ever see them physically again, we will always have the wisdom, the memories, the lessons

you don't have to act a certain way just because. you shouldn't let anyone or anything define you, instead, create your own concept of yourself

remember that it's okay if you're not like the rest of the world. sometimes, being part of the outcast lets you notice all the things that the rest of the world cannot notice by themselves

be yourself. allow yourself that simple pleasure, not acknowledged enough but oh so lusted for by people for whom it's just "too late"

also, remember that it's almost never "too late". maybe you can still take up that hobby that everyone disapproved of, or tell that teacher how much he or she influenced you, or explain that friend how much he or she means to you, or whisper your grandma one last "i love you", or follow the dream you've had ever since you were a child. lost chaces would eventually become new chances, if only we had the courage it takes

Os preguntaréis qué es esto. Pues bien, ni yo misma lo sé. Tal vez son consejos que daría a mis futuros hijos. Tal vez son cosas que desearía haber sabido antes de actuar de cierta forma en el pasado. Tal vez son pequeños pensamientos que he tenido a lo largo de este verano... No estoy segura de cuándo escribí la primera frase o de cuándo escribí la última. Debe de haber al menos un par de meses entre ellas. De todas formas, creo que este texto es algo así como todo lo que he aprendido durante el año que tuve (y aún sigo teniendo, pero no por mucho tiempo) dieciséis años. Creo que cada fragmento resume todas las cosas que debí haber sabido en el pasado y que, incluso habiéndolas escrito, aún no sigo al pie de la letra. 

Total, que me dejo de rollos.

Esto es todo. :D

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  1. Sigo pensando que eres la persona de 16 (o casi 17) años más madura que he visto en mucho tiempo. En serio.