17 y/o manifesto


being yourself and growing up into the person you want to become is going to hurt a bunch of people. but maybe it's for the best. maybe you owe it to yourself

it hasn't happened just yet but eventually you'll learn to love every hair, every pimple, every stretch mark, every pound and every cell in your body

change is painful but it's also necessary. it will stop stinging and hurting one day

people don't love the same way you do. you need to learn that just because their love is expressed in a language you still don't really understand, it doesn't mean the love is not there

time doesn't exist, but clocks do. try to seize every second the clock ticks

also remember that it's completely legitimate for you to waste a little time and to stay home crying, or worrying too much, or panicking, or overthinking

it's okay to be angry. you've been angry for a while now and you'll still be for quite a big amount of time

slowly you'll grow your own self-esteem so that you don't take every bit of attention the others grant you as an essential requisite for your survival

there are several rare, amazing people in this world and you've already encountered a few of them. please don't ever miss the change of exchanging some words or a smile or the mutual awareness that you both exist in your own particular ways. grasp them. internalize them. love them and let them love you. and, when the time comes, say goodbye and let them go

Podéis ver lo que escribí cuando mis dieciséis años se extinguían y estaba en vísperas de los diecisiete aquí.

Ah, y sí, este es otro de los innumerables intentos de retomar el blog y de ser constante en ello. A ver si este 2017 lo consigo.

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